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As you roam the countryside on a walking tour or hiking vacation—slowly, leisurely—be prepared for a sensory rush. Smell the sea before it comes into view. Marvel at silky meadows woven with wildflowers. Hear the cacophony of wildlife in the jungle—and the absence of sound in the desert. There's no glass between you and the world—this is it!

With over 30 years of experience, Backroads believes in crafting walking tours and hiking trips that allow you to embrace the world around you. What transforms our walking and hiking trips into vacations of a lifetime is our unwavering commitment to excellence. A passion for bringing you the best can be seen in everything we do, from the leaders we hire to the luxury accommodations we select to the routes we uncover.

All our walking tours offer several route options so that you can walk as much or as little as you like. Every Backroads trip has options for all fitness levels and abilities. Care for a walk? We do...come join us in exploring the world, one step at a time!

Italy Walking & Hiking Tours

France Walking Hiking Vacations Amalfi Coast Walking Tour
Cinque Terre & Tuscany Walking Tour
Dolomites Hiking Tour
Italian Lakes Walking Tour
Tuscany Walking & Cooking Tour
Tuscany Walking Tour

France Walking & Hiking Tours

Provence & Costa Brava Walking Tour
Provence Walking & Cooking Tour - NEW!
Provence Walking Tour

Other Europe Walking & Hiking Tours

Czech Republic & Austria Walking Tour
Dalmatian Coast Walking Tour
French & Italian Alps Walking Tour
Iceland Walking Tour
Ireland Walking Tour
Norway Walking Tour
Spain Hiking Tour
Switzerland Hiking Tour

Asia & the Pacific Walking & Hiking Tours

Peru Hiking Trips Bhutan Hiking Tour
Myanmar Hiking Tour
New Zealand Hiking Tour

Latin America Walking & Hiking Tours

Galapagos & Andes Hiking Tour - NEW!
Panama Hiking Tour - NEW!
Patagonia Hiking Tour
Peru Hiking Tour
Peru Trekking Tour

United States Walking Tours & Hiking Tours

United States Hiking Vacations Alaska Hiking Tour
California: Northern California Coast Walking Tour
California: Yosemite Hiking Tour
Montana: Glacier Hiking Tour
New Mexico: Santa Fe & Taos Hiking Tour
Utah: Bryce & Zion Hiking Tour
Vermont Hiking Tour
Washington: San Juan Islands, Victoria & Olympic National Park Walking Tour
Wyoming: Yellowstone & Grand Tetons Walking Tour

Canada Walking & Hiking Tours

Canadian Rockies: Banff & Yoho Walking Tour
Nova Scotia Walking Tour

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